Don't Let These 3 Common Myths Stop You From Selling Your Junk Car

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Many people wish to sell their junk car for some much-needed extra cash but find themselves hesitating for one reason or another. All too often these reasons are based on common myths that lead people to believe they will be unable to successfully sell their junk car. In this article three of the common myths will be exposed so that you can confidently move forward with the sale of your own junk car.

Myth #1: You Must Have The Title In Hand

Oftentimes people have been holding on to a junk car for years before finally deciding to get rid of it. During this time they misplace the title or it is damaged in some way. In order to get a replacement title, they will need to visit their local DMV and pay what can sometimes be a rather hefty fee. For many people, completing this task simply is not worth it so they continue to hold on to the junk car they truly wish to sell. This is because many people believe that they must have the title in hand in order to successfully sell their junk car. The truth however is that many auto salvage yards buy junk cars even if you do not have the title. This is because there are a variety of other documents that can be used to prove ownership of the vehicle for the purpose of selling it. These documents include things like a bill of sale or an old vehicle registration.

Myth #2: You Have To Pay To Have The Vehicle Towed

People do not commonly wish to put money into the task of getting rid of their junk car. That is why many people who believe that they will need to pay to tow the vehicle to a salvage yard often choose to avoid this task. This is quite unfortunate because the truth is, there are many salvage yards out there that offer free towing services to individuals who are looking to sell their junk car. 

Myth #3: The Vehicle Must Be Whole

In order to try and get the most money out of their junk car, many people choose to try and sell off parts from the vehicle. Oftentimes these individuals are led to believe that they are unable to sell the vehicle to a salvage yard once parts have been removed. The truth however is that while the salvage yard is likely to make a lower offer on your vehicle if it is no longer whole, these scrapyards are still very interested in purchasing junk cars even when parts have already been removed. 

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